Battle of Britain pffff – here are the real UK champions

everton fc 1962-63.jpg
OLD Trafford is bracing itself for a match dubbed the Battle of Britain as Scottish champions Rangers head south to face Manchester United in the opening match of this season’s Champions League group phase.
But as important as it is, the match will not be contested by the reigning British Champions – because the holder of that title is the winner of the last official British Championship to be played, back in 1963.
According to Mirror Football, the contest “has been played intermittently throughout the 20th Century, a friendly yet somehow not-so-friendly decider between the champions of England and Scotland – reaching a zenith of being taken vaguely seriously in the 1930s when Rangers beat Arsenal in a two-legged affair.”
The last time it was played was back in 1963, when Everton won north of the border 3-1 and then drew 1-1 at home to become undisputed champions of Britain.
So whatever happens tonight, and at the return match in Glasgow, it’s Everton who will retain the title, as they have done for 47 years.


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