Retro football gaming – 01/02 the champ of Champ Managers

championship manager 01 02.jpg
TARIBO West on a free transfer.
If these words mean anything to you, I can guarantee you’ve lost sleep and possibly partners for the love of Championship Manager 01/02.
For me, this edition of the football management franchise was the pinnicle – complex enough to keep you hooked but easy enough to pull you in within minutes.
I can vouch for that first hand, having become hopelessly addicted again and again.
Among the features that really stood out with this edition were attribute masking, which required scouts to be used in earnest for the first time, and the need to keep the fans and board onside – it’s no surprise that this is the only version which has a website dedicated to keeping 01/02 up to date.
How can you not love an alternative reality where one man can guide Stoke City to the Champions League title and win the World Cup with Nigeria in a single season?
• Would you like to win a copy of Championship Manager 01/02 for PC?
I’m offering my very own much-loved (i.e. second hand) copy of the game in a competition open to any UK residents.
To enter post a comment below using a valid e-mail address, which isn’t made public, and the winner will be picked out of a hat on September 24.


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