Arsene Wenger the mad professor

arsene wenger 2.jpeg
ARSENAL boss Arsene Wenger has been labelled a “key nutter” by rival boss Harry Redknapp.
Speaking over Wenger’s recent touchy feely touchline antics, the Spurs manager said: “It just shows you what happens in football.
“We can all remember when ArsÚne first came to England [in 1996 to manage Arsenal] – I remember reading articles saying he was like a professor watching the game and all the other nutters were jumping up and down, shouting and screaming. And that he wasn’t like these idiots, that he’s studying every move that’s going on on the pitch like chess.
“[In 2003-04] they never lost a game all season so it was OK – I could’ve sat there with a cigar.
“But suddenly when you start losing a few games it all changes, doesn’t it?
“Now he’s joined the nutters. In fact he’s one of the key nutters.”


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