Finding football fans for 5am

FOOTBALL fans are being asked to wrap up warm, fill a thermos with extra strong coffee and help a World Record attempt to play the longest football match ever.
Loughborough students are planning to play non-stop for a whopping 60 hours – but for the match to count towards the Guinness Book of Records, witnesses must be present throughout the game, running from 9am on October 22 through to 9pm on October 24.
Volunteer supporters will need to cheer the players on for four hour shifts – including stints from 1am-5am and 5am-9am.
Organiser Ricardo Braganza said: “Fancy helping us break the world record? We really need your help!
“We require a pair of witnesses to watch the match and fill in a logbook, so that Guinness World Records know that the match is legitimate.
“Witnesses must rotate, so you can do more than one shift during the match, but you can’t do two shifts in a row.”
To volunteer to help, visit their Facebook page.
Witnesses cannot be related to any of the players and also must be over 18 years old.

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