Finally, some good news for Liverpool fans

lucas leiva.jpg
ENGLAND’S biggest and best club Liverpool are having a torrid time of late, what with daily fan protests against the club’s owners, underpeforming star players, stuttering form in the Premier League leaving them one point off relegation spots, losing to lowly Northampton Town in the League Cup, a far from convincing run in Europe’s consolation competition the Europa League etc. etc.
This weekend’s opposition Blackpool are actually ahead of them in the Premier League as things stand.
But Koppites can at least take heart in one piece of news – perennially poor midfielder Lucas Leiva is finally set to leave the club.
The Brazilian is wanted by Italian trio Juventus, Palermo and Inter Milan, with a January transfer expected to be arranged – meaning an estimated £9m swell to the Anfield coffers and more gametime for the likes of Raul Meireles, Milan Jovanovic, Maxi Rodriguez, Christian Poulsen, Joe Cole and Steven Gerrard.

4 thoughts on “Finally, some good news for Liverpool fans

  1. ROGUE :- YOURE AT IT AGAIN LIVING IN FANTASY WORLD ,as you state EVERY time you put a statement on a website you put the same old rubbish ,if we bought the players you keep saying we should buy we would be in league 2 before you could put another load of rubbish on any site and no doubt you would put the same old rubbish on again ,get a life you sad twit and come up with something constructive instead of spending the best part of 75 million pounds on foreign rubbish ,if you didn’t know there is now a limit on the amount of foreigners you can have in your squad so i suggest you do your homework and come up with some realistic solutions to the problem and stop spouting the SAME OLD RUBBISH YOU PUT ON EVERY OTHER SITE YOU VISIT,
    sorry guys but this idiot really gets on my wick.

  2. dude, either take your medication or stop smoking that weed. or go back to the parallel universe you are visiting from because what you are proposing is totally off the rockers, or considered with plenty of stuff on the rocks.
    whilst lovely for a fantasy world that even james cameron would be proud of, this, unfortunately is the real world, when people live real lives and do real work.
    what universe do you live in where fabio aurelio can be sold for 5m quid? we couldn’t give him away and now you think he is worth 5m quid?
    seriously, it is time to start taking your medication or stop the pot.

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