Oh no, not the sausage

SOMETHING may have been lost in translation here, but fans of Steaua Bucharest decided to show their anger at the referee’s performance in thier Europa League match against Napoli with sausages.
I don’t get it – I love sausages.
It all started while their side was 3-0 to the good – Polish referee Marcin Borski issued a red card to Bucharest’s Pantelis Kapetanos, and Napoli then clawed two goals back in normal time.
But after their team drew 3-3 after a goal in extra time – which had been played for four minutes more than signalled – incensed Steaua supporters took matters into their own hands and marched on the Poland Embassy.
However their protest bizarrely took the form of leaving strings of tasty, mouth-watering sausages outside.
So if any Romanians are reading this, your country’s a bit rubbish, and my address is the Loughborough Echo, Royal Way, Loughborough.
Don’t forget the HP sauce.


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