Moneybags Man City want to buy an entire club

NOT content with buying up enough players to fill their own roster, Manchester City are targeting the purchase of another European club to fill up too.
The nouveau riche Manchester side would like to purchase or heavily invest in another European club to act as a feeder to their Premier League operations – and it is reported they are “close” to striking a deal with an undisclosed established European side.
The side would act as a training ground for loaned-out young talent, as well as help those from outside the EU get the gametime needed to apply for UK work permits, as the emphasis at Eastlands switches from big money buys to breeding superstars of the future.


One thought on “Moneybags Man City want to buy an entire club

  1. Didn’t United do this a few years ago with a Belgian side?
    Royal something or other?
    I don’t think they bought them, or tried to, but the idea was they would use them in the same way you describe City’s intentions in the article.
    It was at the time spun as beneficial for both sides as the “feeder” club would get plenty of young talent for nothing they wouldn’t normally have access to.
    Aren’t there issus in owning two football clubs regarding football law?
    I’m sure someone can clarify this issue.

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