King is monarch of the party scene

ledley king.jpeg
HE MAY struggle to play more than one football match a month due to his crumbling joints, but when it comes to a knees-up, nothing holds Tottenham defender Ledley King back.
And the capped centre-back is such a popular guy on the party scene he reportedly has to hand out his own wristbands.
The Spurs player was celebrating his 30th birthday at the Mayfair Hotel in London last weekend when the bar became swamped with female fans.
Goaltastic just hates it when that happens – but luckily Ledley had a plan.
Forced to take his party upstairs to the Penthouse, friends of Ledley’s went around the bar handing out pink wristbands – which somebody had luckily brought with them, just in case – to selected revellers allowed to join them upstairs.
A source reportedly said: “It all seemed a bit tame at first, with a dinner in the restaurant. Then they really cranked it up.
“Ledley and a couple of his friends went upstairs while the rest handed wristbands to the best looking girls in the bar.
“There were two security staff on the lift only letting women with wristbands up to the penthouse.
“There could only have been 10 or so blokes – but there must have been 30 women.
“Maybe it was one for every year.”

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