No bit of rough for Birmingham’s boys

SOME teams say no to sex before a big match – but Birmingham City manager Alex McLeish would rather his players faced a bunk-up than a bunker in the run-up to a game.
For the Blues boss has laid down the law to his players, with strict punishments ready to be handed out if any are caught playing golf before kick-off.
He said: “Golfing so close to a football match, it stands to reason it is going to take it out of your legs.
“If you are marching around a golf course then it is quite demanding to go play a game of football 24 or 48 hours later. We have a 48-hour ruling, it is in the club rules.
“It is so intensive a league rest is important and days off are also not about going out and getting pissed and sleeping the hangover off.”
He added: “I am just a spoil sport because I am not good at golf.”


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