Liverpool situation is clear as milk

bottles of milk.jpg
IF YOU’VE skimmed the papers recently, you may have noticed a sour taste to the fallout of Liverpool’s £300m sale.
Everyone’s got an opinion about how things went wrong on the pitch, and how to go about turning things around after a humbling defeat to Everton at the weekend – and some views are more reasoned than others…
Here’s former Liverpool manager Rafa Beitez’s view on the current Anfield situation: “I feel really sorry for the fans.
“I was watching them and was really sad after the [Everton] defeat so I think it is better that I don’t say too much, but we have a saying in Spanish which is ‘white liquid in a bottle has to be milk.’
“What means this? It means that after 86 points and to finish second in the league, what changed?
“The Americans, they chose a new managing director [Purslow] and everything changed… At the beginning, they changed the managing director who was talking with some players, and they changed everything that we were doing in the past.
“So, if you want to ask again what was going on, it’s simple: they changed something and, at the end, they changed everything. So, ‘white liquid in a bottle’: milk.
“You will know who is to blame. ‘White liquid in a bottle’. If I see John the milkman in the Wirral, where I was living, with this bottle, I’d say ‘It’s milk, sure.'”
Answers on a postcard please.


One thought on “Liverpool situation is clear as milk

  1. I think I understand Rafa. You have to link it with Cantona.
    “The seagull follows the trawler looking for the white liquid in a bottle”
    Which is ……. milk.
    I hope that makes it clearer!!!!!

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