Cryptic Benitez strikes again

rafa benitez.jpg
INTER Milan manager Rafa Benitez doesn’t suffer fools when it comes to his record at Liverpool – except himself it seems…
Recently Benitez launched a bizarre rant about milk and bottles that left the Kop faithful scratching their head.
And now, defending his transfer record following comments by current reds manager Roy Hodgson, Benitez said: “He’s talking about things that he doesn’t know.
“Some people cannot see a priest on a mountain of sugar.”
He added: “With £10m net spending, I left that squad with £300m value, 13 internationals.
“So, instead of talking about flips and flops, he has to concentrate on his job, try to do his best and not talk about the level of his players or the new players.”
In your face, Hodgson.

One thought on “Cryptic Benitez strikes again

  1. anyone with half a brain could understand what rafa the gafa said and meant, only half brained jernos were left scratching their heads.

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