Assou Ekotto, my new hero

benoit assou ekotto.jpg
TOTTENHAM full back Benoit Assou-Ekotto is my new footballing hero.
No, it’s not the hairdo, or the fact he allows Gareth Bale to buckle swashes from the midfield rather than play in defence – it’s quotes like these: “The whole problem with football players is that they really take themselves seriously.
“We kick a ball around and we earn 100,000, 200,000 or even 300,000 euros a week. We don’t improve the world. It’s not like we invented hot water. We just kick a ball.
“But sometimes when these guys go out, you’d think they were rock stars.
“I could understand that if you wear dark glasses at night time when you do open-heart surgery and save lives, but not if you’re a footballer.”
He added: “I understood from a very early age that it didn’t interest me to work in an office for 1,000 euros a month, see the same faces every day and work 45 years to buy a house. That’s a rather sad life.
“I was gifted at sports and quickly tried to find a cushy number. And today I have a great job. I work a maximum of two hours a day and I do it to make money, like anybody else in the world.”
What a star.
Or not, as he so lucidly points out.


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