Goaltastic League Update – Gameweek 10

huge tackle.JPG
HUGE Tackle continue to be king of the Goaltastic League castle this week, after posting a score of 56.
My squad of dirty rascals Ashletico remains in second place, while Squeegee Men continue their rise up the table creeping into third, pushing former league leaders Ruff Tuff Bluff Stuf down to fourth.
The rest of the top 10 is made up of Pugwash 11, Leeds Leeds Leeds, The Cream Crackers, Taurages Tauras, Dirty Sons Of Pitchs and Melchester Rovers.
A welcome also goes out to Spastic Moscow, a new entry to the league in 21st position.
AC Banana remain in last place.
Want to enter your team in the inaugural Goaltastic league?
To do so, put together a team for free here, and then join the competition by using the code 183-84.
League Updates will be blogged here throughout the season.

2 thoughts on “Goaltastic League Update – Gameweek 10

  1. Typical top-of-the-table glory-focussed reporting! My band of merry men kicked ass last weekend with a whopping score to jump right up to sixth spot. You’d better watch out at the top, we’re crackers and we’re coming to get you!!!

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