Peter Shilton’s Goalietastic – Leaving Strictly and Rooney…

peter shilton strictly.jpg
“WELL my time on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ has finally come to an end! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a great experience. I was disappointed that I couldn’t stay on the show for longer as it is great fun to work on and my partner Erin really helped in getting my fitness up to the level required for the show. As well as losing a few notches on the belt I have learnt so much and feel confident when dancing which I know will always be handy! Alesha Dixon gave me some great tips each week and was very fair in her assessment of me each time I stood in front of the judges.
“Back to football and what a crazy few weeks we have had! Wayne Rooney has certainly dominated the headlines and the situation underlines how player power has come to dominate the game. Unfortunately money rules the modern-day game and like in any walk of life if you are offered double your money to work in a new job, you would find the offer difficult to turn down. Clubs are always quick to let go of players if they don’t need them so if Rooney could get the assurances he wanted then I say good luck to him!
“I have concerns over people at the top of the game, they are spending money that they don’t have and we then have instances like at Liverpool where they were days from going into administration a shocking reflection of how football has changed.
“One club that I really admire for their principles and beliefs are Arsenal. They are run like a proper business while maintaining a strong challenge in the Premier League. They have invested heavily in youth and that has started to pay off as they have had a great start to the season. “They have always had a great tradition of churning out decent players from their academy and I am happy that they are doing so well, they are a shining beacon for football in general.
“The Premier League is shaping up to be quite the contest this year and with four clubs all in the running for it, I think we can expect some drama over the coming months.”

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