I vote 4-3-3 with inverted wingers…

OKAY, maybe it’s not going to be quite that hands-on, but Clyde have become the first Scottish senior football club to become a fully democratic community interest company.
Instead of being run for commerical interests, the Third Division side will new run as a democracy for the benefit of the organisation and the community it serves.
Right on.
Club chairman John Alexander said: “Football is a precarious business, we have agreed a new set of rules and that means that this club will never again risk its future on unsustainable dreams and debt.
“The club has developed a sustainable model of operation and this is enshrined in the new structure.
“The revised articles state that the club cannot borrow to pay wages or salaries of employees and the club cannot be conducted for private gain.
“The ethos will be to promote a successful football club that will encourage and develop sporting opportunities and activities in the community.”
Will be interesting to see how the club manage to push on from their current bottomn-of-the-table prediciment under the new structure. Didier Drogba does a lot of charity work, maybe he could help them out.

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