Old Firm still too soft for Premier League

old firm.jpg
LAST night’s Champions League Battle of Britain showdown between Manchester United and Glasgow Rangers was more of a standoff.
The match, which was about as much of a spectacle as watching me type this post up, eventually saw weary Rangers succumb to a late penalty from Wayne Rooney, making a total of one goal from 12 yards after 180 minutes of play between the two this season.
From time to time the issue of the Glasgow giants of Rangers and Celtic and how they would fare in the English Premier League is discussed – and last night’s evidence should count as a massive argument to not combining the Scottish teams with their Southern counterparts.
Despite being top of their domestic league, Rangers were resorting to stifling tactics and a five man defence from the outset last night, and rarely progressed past the halfway line despite needing to win to retain any chance of staying in the Champions League.
Manchester United are a top team, but they’re not even at their top form at present – throw Scotland’s finest into a league with sides of their calibre and I worry you’ll end up with the Glasgow teams completing on a level with the teams from Swansea and Cardiff rather than London and Manchester.


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