Bolton players endulge in fargling

THAT’S rock paper scissors by the way, nothing seedy.
Bolton boss Owen Coyle has revealed that his team’s eyebrow raising form in the Premier League is due to the team spirit in the dressing room.
And that team spirit is a result of one thing – rock paper scissors.
He said: “Footballers are just big kids at heart. I know these lads are working hard – but they are also doing it with a smile on their face.
“The lads do a ‘scissors, paper, rock’ thing and there is a punishment for the loser. So they are getting good at playing it – or else. The loser gets his ears flicked and it is painful.
“I stay out of it with the size of ears I’ve got! But it is great to see them having a bit of fun together. There is a great spirit in this group.”
Firstly, how can you be good at playing rock paper scissors, a game of choosing one of three options at random?
And can you imagine how good Bolton are going to be after Christmas when Johann Elmander gets that game of Monopoly he’s asked Santa for?

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