Blackburn put their money where their mouth is for Ronaldinho

GOD I love the January transfer window.
Who can forget the classic scenes of Robinho arriving in Manchester after signing for City, despite thinking he was Chelsea bound?
It was arguably the moment that Man City moved from underdogs to a club muscling in on the world’s footballing elite.
Well it seems the nouveau riche upstarts Blackburn Rovers and their poultry entrepreneur owners Venky’s are close to repeating that feat just days into this year’s window.
Because after a lot of Who Shot John over Blackburn targeting Brazilian legend Ronaldinho, it seems an official bid has now been tabled, with Venky’s chairwoman Anuradha J Desai tonight confirming they have made a £6.2m bid to bring the midifielder to the North West from Italian giants AC Milan.
Exciting news, whatever side of the fence at Ewood Park you sit, I think you’ll agree.

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