Scarf stops Avram getting it in the neck

avram grant scarf.jpg
A PIECE of Avram Grant’s winter woolies has been revealed as the reason why West Ham have been hotting up.
The lucky scarf was handed to Hammers boss Grant when his side took on Manchester United in the Carling Cup in November, and the team responded with a 4-0 win.
But defeats to Sunderland and Manchester City followed – so kitman Bob Oteng suggested the neckwear should make a reappearance at Fulham on Boxing Day, where West Ham won 3-1.
The scarf was again in use for the 1-1 draw with resurgent Everton and then for the 2-0 win over Wolves.
Grant said: “I don’t think I will wear it in the summer, unless everyone believes it will do us some good.
“Once in Israel I wore the same clothes and my team won 11 games in a row. But then it was raining, I changed my shirt and we drew, and everyone blamed me!
“I’m not a big fan of superstition but I’m not going to go against it either.”

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