Mystery Premier League club chases Maradona

AFTER previously singing the praises of the Premier League, out-of-work manager Diego Maradona has confirmed that an English club has taken his bait.
Today it has been reported that the Argentinian legend said: “In February I will be travelling to England to listen to a formal proposal from a team from there who wants to talk to me.
“If they convince me I might accept the position.
“I’m not desperate, but I know that some day I’ll be the coach again of some team.”
Goaltastic is a big fan of Maradona’s management style – over the summer as head of the Argentinian World Cup squad, Maradona swore at the media, advocated as much sex as players liked ahead of matches and used football “firing squads” for punishing the losing teams in training.
Once again, fingers are crossed that this happens, and God knows there are enough premier League clubs rumoured to be looking for a new manager…

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