Transfer Deadline Day XI

andy carroll england.jpg
THE transfer window has now firmly slammed shut, but only after a few million pounds and about as many names have been tossed around nonchalantly, all in the name of football.
And you have to say it’s been a blast.
There’s been some surprising moves, and some grindingly inevitable ones too – and as the dust settles, invariably some fans will be happier than others with the way things panned out for their sides.
And yes, I’m prematurely assuming that the Torres and Luiz deals will go through for Chelsea.
To help you decide which camp you fall into, here are Goaltastic’s picks for the top signings of the day – although inclusion in the 3-4-3 formation XI below doesn’t necessarily represent the best value for money today…
GK – Ricardo (Leicester)
DEF – Luiz (Chelsea) – Haas (Middlesbrough) – Konchesky (Nottingham Forest)
MID – Reid (Blackpool) – Bradley (Aston Villa) – Ireland (Newcastle) – Suarez (Liverpool)
ATK – Torres (Chelsea) – Carroll (Liverpool) – Martins (Birmingham)

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