Transfer titbit – Good riddance to Hadj rubbish

el hadj diouf.jpeg
IT’S not very often you celebrate a player leaving the division you follow – but the news El Hadj Diouf is on his way to Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers is one big exception.
The objectionable Senegalese striker – reportedly in the Scottish city tonight – has made headlines for spitting at fans and players, racially abusing ball boys and throwing insults at players lying prone with broken legs.
In the words of Neil Warnock, he is “a horrible disgusting man”.
At his current club, Blackburn Rovers, he’s managed four goals in 60 appearances.


3 thoughts on “Transfer titbit – Good riddance to Hadj rubbish

  1. Thank God, as a Blackburn fan there was no way we were going to shake off our old image with pathetic scum like this in the side.
    Good Riddance!

  2. I am a blackburn fan, and yeah i agree he is a very arrogant player and all, however i think he is an amazing winger, yeah not many goals but he creates a lot of chances and his dribbling skills and strength that he has on the ball will be hard to replace. i know alot are glad he’s leaving but when things arn’t going as well, we will soon regret forcing him out 😦

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