Transfer titbit – Torres to Chelsea, in a helicopter

fernando torres.jpeg
WE ALL know that Fernando Torres is most likely to be on his way to Chelsea today.
He was spotted training this morning at Liverpool’s Melwood facility, cutting a lonely figure after several days of transfer stories circulating – and the latest reports are the Spanish striker is now on his way out of the North West on board a helicopter.
He’s obviously in a hurry somewhere, no prizes for guessing where.
More importantly, £50m plus burns a hell of a hole in a club’s pocket – I wonder who’s in a helicopter heading the other way…

13 thoughts on “Transfer titbit – Torres to Chelsea, in a helicopter

  1. With surely quite a few reporters and maybe a few supporters at Melwood I wonder why there aren’t any photos of a helicopter leaving the training ground are to be found. Surely someone would take a picture to back up his/her story, right.

  2. Is this some sort of secret helicopter site that no one knows about. Don’t you think the press would have a rep camped at these sites to report any comings or goings

  3. That’s funny – after this story circulated, Torres left Melwood driving his Audi.
    Can it really be so hard to get your facts straight?

  4. @ scousebilly….
    come on Billy lad, you know that was Torres’ stunt-double, the real Nando is above Birmingham as we speak, in his silent and invisible stealth-chopper!!

  5. Some little London scumbag reporter just made this up on the way into work this morning. If he didn’t have a story, he wasn’t going to get paid. Same is true with 99.99% of the crap that they spew out.

  6. Andy Carroll has been spotted getting into a helicopter heading to Birmingham to pick up Ashley Young, Charlie Adam has been told to get the 2.15 express to Liverpool, takes about an hour and there’s no 1st class carriage……what was his dad saying about his club being cheapskates

  7. Breaking News !!!
    Murdoch helicopter spotted in Loughborough – Sky Sports are lining up an audacious bid to replace Richard Keys with someone called Isaac 😉

  8. i think liverpool fans should rejoice in the defection of torres. at least those bums get some money to rebuild their crappy, lifeless squad

  9. Seriously, Isaac, Sky are reporting that Torres is due shortly in London by helicopter.
    So it looks like knowledge of the charter was leaked – would you tell us how you heard about the helicopter story?

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