“Weakened” Blackpool should not be fined

aston villa vs blackpool.JPG
BLACKPOOL boss Ian Holloway will fight a £25,000 fine imposed for fielding a weakened side last November – and he’s totally right to do so.
Despite putting out what the Premier League ruled to be a “weakened side” against Aston Villa, the Seasiders only lost 3-2, and in my opinion were unlucky not to win the match despite making 10 changes to his side.
Holloway – who threatened to quit his job over the Premier League’s actions – has decided to challenge the fine, saying: “I think it is a total disgrace that I am told who I can pick and when I can pick them.
“If Arsenal changed eight the other month why is that allowed and I am not?
“I am totally confused as to the rules, who is making them and why I am a football manager and I’m not allowed to manage.
“How can they dare say my lads who did play are not good enough – which is basically what they are saying? I feel totally offended by it.”
This fine should be overturned – the team Holloway fielded were all profesisonal footballers, signed to a Premier League side, and they ultimately acquitted themselves on the pitch.

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