Club Athletico Faustino Asprilla

faustino asprilla.jpg
ALWAYS a fans’ favourite at Newcastle – even for fans of other teams – Faustino Asprilla was in attendence at St James’ Park for the stunning 4-4 draw with Arsenal, and given a mention on last night’s Match of the Day.
And it was also mentioned that the retired Colombian striker is now the proud owner of a lower league team in his home country – which he has renamed Club Athletico Faustino Asprilla in his own honour!
Now I can find nothing about this on the Internets to confirm or deny this – although I very much hope it is true – but I did find out that Asprilla is nicknamed The Octopus in Colombia “for his voracious appetite,” so that’s something I guess.
If you can shed some light on Club Athletico Faustino Asprilla, leave a comment below!


3 thoughts on “Club Athletico Faustino Asprilla

  1. I’m from Colombia and Tino’s Club its not a reality yet because in Colombia there are only two profesional divisions and the second one has no descent into a third category, then the CAFA (Club Atletico Faustino Asprilla) will not be a professional team at least until 2012. however on January 12th, There was a call for players in Tulua, the hometown of Tino

  2. Hola mi nombre es jherson tengo 12 años y estoy buscando una oportunidad para progresar en el futbol tengo el talento pero donde vivo no hay muchas opsiones para poder progresar llebo jugando 2 años para un club y e ganado el premio al mejor jugardo en la primer temporada vivo en Nueva Zelanda y mi familia no tiene muchos recursos para apollarme y vi un video en el tino alluda a los jovenes para porder progresar en el futbol y estoy buscando un apollo gracias porfavor si alguien q me pueda alludar llega a leer esto me gustaria q me respondiera mi coreo es.

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