Fat lady singing for Carroll’s season?

andy carroll.jpeg
ON JANUARY transfer deadline day, it looked very much as though Newcastle United were one of the biggest losers – with their star striker Andy Carroll heading to Liverpool.
However today it is being reported that Andy Carroll may not kick a ball for his new club this season.
Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish is relaxed about the news that Carroll’s thigh muscle tear could keep him out all season: “It will only be a few weeks. He’s signed for five and a half years, so what’s a few weeks?”
Maybe so for the Reds, but the news shines a new light on Newcastle’s willingness to part company – £35m for a young striker who may not play again for the season, and would surely have been leaving in the Summer anyway, looks to be pretty good business now.


3 thoughts on “Fat lady singing for Carroll’s season?

  1. If it were genuine, it would be a major scoop.
    Good point about getting into trouble.
    I note The People are reporting Real want Gerrard in the summer. Highly likely but why play the story this morning? 😉
    Not since John Smith and Peter Robinson have we ahd people at the top who know what they are doing (and what they’ve got). The internals are being dealt with intelligently and methodically. The externals i.e. media will be dealt with in the same manner all in good time.
    The blogosphere is inexorably creeping up on the MSM and independent critical footy journalists like Paul Tomkins will come to the fore.
    Got to prepare for the big one 😉

  2. Well they told us Torres wouldn’t celebrate (his goal against us).
    I’m still beaming – we did them without Torres or Suarez or Carroll 😉

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