Milan stunned by stunning Spurs

IT WAS a result not expected by many – but Spurs left the San Siro with a clean sheet and an away goal.
In tonight’s tie – which sets up a mouthwatering Champions League second leg clash – debutants Tottenham staked a genuine claim not to be ruled out of contention in this competition just yet.
Ahead of the match our Goaltastic feed tweeted the question of whether Crouch is a poor man’s Ibrahimovic, or Ibrahimovic a rich man’s Crouch – hat tip to BBC Football’s excellent Live Text for featuring it.
The poser was answered tonight – for all of AC Milan’s much hyped attacking riches, it was the Zlatan-Ibrahimovic-and-Robinho-esque duo of Aaron Lennon and Peter Crouch who looked the most dangerous going forward.
However the biggest plus for the English side has surely got to be seeing a midfield and defence that capitulated like Genaro Gattuso’s temper against Inter Milan looking assured, calm and mostly untroubled away in Europe.
Spurs for the cup? I genuinely wouldn’t rule anything out for ‘Arry’s boys this season.
Then again, ask me again after Arsenal-Barcelona…

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