Joe Jordan invented the giraffe

joe jordan and gennaro gattuso.jpeg
THE Twittersphere has today been paying tribute to Spurs’ Joe Jordan – who was headbutted by a frenzied topless Gattuso last night and didn’t even flinch.
In the aftermath of AC Milan’s tetchy loss to Tottenham Hotspur, Jordan was set upon by the infamous Italian bulldog and the pair had to be pulled apart.
As a result tributes have been paid to Jordan with a series of #joejordanfacts, here are a selection –

@bertyb: “Death once had a near Joe Jordan experience.”
@Bentleysbird: “Superman wears Joe Jordan pyjamas.”
@LiquidSpurs: “Joe Jordan’s missing teeth? He bit them off himself.”
@daveraybould: “Giraffes were created when Joe Jordan uppercutted a horse.”
@nickjacklyn: “Joe Jordan is the reason why wally is hiding.”


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