Is Messi gunning for Dixie Dean’s record?

lionel messi.jpeg
THIS weekend Barcelona forward Lionel Messi extended his lead in the scoring charts, putting daylight between himself and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo.
His goal against Mallorca puts him on 26 for the season to date, compared to Ronaldo’s 24.
Talk about a two horse race – the next best striker, teammate David Villa, has 17 so far.
Putr this stark contrast to the rest of Spain’s La Liga – Messi alone has more goals than Mallorca, Racing Santander, Deportivo, Hercules, Sporting Gijon, Zaragoza and Almeria, and is level with Levante and Osasuna’s squads too.
In all competitions, Messi has already hit 42 compared to last season’s 47 – could Everton legend Dixie Dean’s 67 goals in the 1927-28 season be under threat for the first time?


4 thoughts on “Is Messi gunning for Dixie Dean’s record?

  1. He is an exceptional player and if all competitive goals are included than i think that he could beat dixie dean’s amazing 62 goals in a season

  2. dixie deans didint include internations, he scored 60 in the league and 7 in other compitions and a year or 2 before that he was told he would never play football again after a motobike accident. and if messi was to over take him it wouldint be deserved dixie played in a much harder time and league than la liga, everyone apart from around 4 teams in spain are championship/devision 1 level for england. also you could never compair messi to dixie dean, dixie dean compaired to todays standards is 3 times the player messi will ever be, messi is worth 250 million? dixie dean would be worth close to a billion. also dixie dean played less games that messi will play this season.

  3. lol..@james..If Dixie Dean was so good why is he not mentioned among Pele,Maradona..or even Cryuff,Best ???..La Liga is weak ? Really is that why just a forthnight ago Arsenal for 90 minutes did not have even a single shot against Barcelona ?..Barcelona and Real are too good and they make the leaque look weak but if they play EPl clubs i am sure those kinds of embarassment like Arsenal just suffered will happen all the time.BTW..Messi will always be better that this whoever Dean is….

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