Eurovision ruins Borussia Dortmund’s party

BORUSSIA Dortmund’s preparations for a title celebration in May may have met their Waterloo in the form of the Eurovision Song Contest.
While the Westphalian club has not yet been crowned 2011 Bundesliga champions, if they win against Cologne they move 15 points clear at the top of the league and, behind the scenes, work is already under way making preparations for a celebration in the city.
However, singer Lena’s winning track Satellite brought Eurovision to Germany, which could prevent thousands of fans from taking part in the celebrations – with the song contest taking place in neighbouring Dusseldorf, most hotels in the region are already booked up and security is set to be stretched.
Hans-Werner Rixe from the city’s Dortmund-Agentur said: “We are making plans and going through different variations.
“It is still too early to make detailed plans, but security is certainly a big point and we are already discussing it with the fire brigade, the police and the city representatives, and we are in contact with the club.”


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