Hardman Ferguson victim of cyber bullying

barry ferguson.jpg
BIRMINGHAM’S Barry Ferguson is a tougher cookie than a Jaffa Cake that’s been left on a window sill since Arsenal last won a trophy.
So tough, in fact, that he played with a broken rib for an hour of the Carling Cup final triumph over Arsenal at Wembley.
Ferguson suffered the setback in a first-half challenge from Gunners midfielder Samir Nasri – but the former Scotland international stayed on the pitch to help City gain a shock 2-1 win.
But following the match, Arsenal’s Jack Wilshire has been accused of cyber bullying the player.
Wilshire tweeted “well done to the BCFC player who slapped Koscielny on the head when they scored, very big of you” after the game, leading Birmingham manager Alex McLeish to say: “It’s not my world, Twitter and all that stuff – cyber-bullying is not for me.”
Sticks and stones may break his bones, but it seems it’s actually words that hurt him.


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