Lionel Messi “doesn’t compare” to Dixie Dean

dixie dean.jpg
A FOOTBALL fan who witnessed Dixie Dean set the world record for the most goals scored in a season believes the Everton striker will always be the best ever forward the game has produced – even if his record is bested this season.
This year Argentinean Lionel Messi could realistically challenge the astounding 60 goals in a domestic season plus seven international goals that Dean set way back in 1928-29.
But 87-year-old Everton supporter Harry Mousley – who was in the crowd as a four-year-old on the day Dean hit the record-setting 60th against Arsenal – believes modern day Messi simply doesn’t compare.
He told Goaltastic: “I saw him play. My dad used to take me to games and I was in the ground when he scored his 60th goal, in the paddock.
“He couldn’t have been six inches off the floor when he headed the ball.
“I remember the crowd was going mad, and Dixie couldn’t get off the pitch afterwards!
“The only player I’ve ever seen that compared to him was Tommy Lawton – I can’t think of anybody today that comes close.
“Dixie was the complete centre forward – a fabulous player and a lovely person.”

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