Modern day Messi deserves to break Dixie Dean’s record

dixie dean.jpg
HE MAY be the most prolific goalscorer ever – but Everton legend Dixie Dean would not have coped with the modern game in which Lionel Messi thrives.
That’s the view of Everton fan Harry McLeish who was in the stands when Dean scored his record-setting 60th domestic goal way back in 1929, aged seven.
This year Barcelona’s Lionel Messi could beat the astounding 60 club goals plus seven international goals that Dean set 81 years ago.
Eyewitnesses have said Dixie was a better player than Messi – but McLeish, now 89, thinks that despite his legendary status, Dean would have been out of his depth in today’s game: “I don’t think he would have coped at all.
“When Dean played it was before the offside rule, so he could just stand on the keeper.
“Modern defenders are sneaky, and stop people playing or jumping from corners.
“Also Everton played with five up front – can you imagine Dean playing in a formation with one up front?”
Nevertheless, McLeish has fond memories of Dean’s play: “He was a fantastic man, never once sent off or yellow carded – he only ever spoke to the referee once in his whole playing career, and that was because the ref offered him a sweet.
“He had metal plates in his head because of the motorcycle accident, and he could head the ball off his temple like a cannon.
“People used to boo him if he didn’t score in a game – he used to average about three, and you could hear the roar all over Merseyside when he did.”


5 thoughts on “Modern day Messi deserves to break Dixie Dean’s record

  1. Sorry Harry,
    But not only was the off side rule in existence in 1928, it was far more draconian than that enjoyed by Messi and friends. When William Ralph signed for Everton, there needed to be THREE players between the striker and the goal line. And that meant BETWEEN, as in not level, but daylight between the defender and attacker. The rule changed in 1927 when only two defenders were required, but again, there were no different passages of play, or even a ‘not interfering with play’ caveat. If you netted and one of your team mates was standing in line with the second defender, the goal was chalked off. This cost countless goals, though it is impossible to know how many Dixie lost.

  2. 60 League goals plus another 40 in cup, friendlies and internationals for the season!
    Also, Dixie not only suffered that life-threatening motorbike accident where he was told he would never play again but he also lost a testicle in a tackle at the age of 17!
    True legend and – yes, in this day and age he would most certainly have coped growing up the same era as Messi.

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