Wenger turns press conference into game show

arsene wenger 2.jpeg
ARSENAL manager Arsene Wenger was in an unrepentent mood as he discussed the fall-out from Tuesday’s Champions League defeat to Barcelona – but still managed to wow the assembled press pack by offering the chance to win a top, top prize.
The Frenchman blasted UEFA as arrogant and a dictatorship for charging him and midfielder Samir Nasri for “inappropriate language” against the referee who sent Robin Van Persie off in the second leg of their 4-3 aggregate defeat, for playing on after the whistle.
But despite his heavy mood he reeled out some light entertainment – offering the chance to win an all expenses paid vacation, out of his own pocket, for anyone who could think of an instance of him spilling the beans on goings-on in the tunnel after any match from the last 15 years.
He said: “As for what is said in the tunnel, if you can get only one thing where I have come out on what has been said against me or against the referee during my 15 years in England, I will pay for you to have a big holiday.”
Goaltastic is now off on a Google trawl – Bahamas here I come…

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