Balotelli’s genius one word insult to hooker

jenny thompson.jpg
THIS may well be my favourite news story of the season to date – Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli, a man who sweats entertainment, heckled the hooker at the centre of Wayne Rooney’s sex scandal before having her ejected from his favourite Italian restaurant.
The forward Forward was dining at San Carlo when he spotted ‘Juicy’ Jenny Thompson, the prostitute at the centre – literally – of Rooney’s tabloid-pleasing three-in-a-bed romp.
Never one to miss an opportunity, the footballer rose to his feet and chanted “Rooney, Rooney” at the hooker, before bursting out laughing, then offering her friends outside for a good old fashioned dust up.
Staff intervened and ejected Thompson’s party from the eatery.
One of her friends said: “He was acting crazy. I think he is unhinged.”
Oh, to have been a fly on the wall.

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