Saucy cheerleaders putting off own team

the crystals.jpg
A SEXED up cheerleading squad have been blamed for putting off their own team’s players.
After Crystal Palace FC switched to a “more provocative” style of cheerleading troupe, the squad has slumped to 21st in the Championship and are close to the relegation places.
This led to fans calling for The Crystals to hang up their pom poms and stop supporting the Eagles – as they put off the players.
But Sharon Lacey, marketing manager for Crystal Palace, said: “The girls are excellent and they’re passionate about what they do.
“They do it off their own bats and don’t earn a penny.”

3 thoughts on “Saucy cheerleaders putting off own team

  1. Well this article is a load of old rubbish! Palace haven’t lost at home since the introduction of the cheerleaders. Prior to that, Palace were in the bottom three, so to say we have ‘slumped to 21st in the championship’ is ridiculous, we climbed from bottom, to 22nd and finally to 21st. Maybe check out some facts before writing the next article?

  2. What utter toss. Crystal Palace have not lost in the presence of the cheerleaders at home, so I would be interested to see the research behind this.
    Yet again another two-bob rag gets it wrong.
    It’s a shame that with such young and promising journalistic talent on offer, the lesser outlets consistently employ the morons of the country.

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