Is Bale bound abroad?

gareth bale.jpg
THOSE rumours just won’t go away – and Tottenham winger Gareth Bale’s latest comments will give Spurs fans little faith they can hang on to their prize asset.
Ahead of the Champions League clash with Real Madrid – a level of competition Spurs may not be able to offer next season – Bale has not ruled out one day plying his trade in another country if a “great opportunity” was presented.
The Welshman said: “If I leave the Premier League, I’ll learn another language, I’ll know other people, another country, I will grow as a person.”
It would be a sad day for Spurs should they lose Bale in the Summer – but a greater loss to the Premier League should he take his thrusting, lung-busting runs abroad.


One thought on “Is Bale bound abroad?

  1. In a very recent interview, GB stated that he is absolutely committed to Spurs, and doesn’t ‘want’ to leave.
    In answer to a leading question he has given a non-committal answer. Yes, at some time in the ‘future’ I’m sure he will move abroad.
    But what you see as ‘persistent’ runours that ‘just won’t go away, Spurs fans (and this is something, I suspect, a lot of other teams fans will recognise, too), see as journalists being obsessed with trying to sell all of their good players in the team they are building because, for some reason, journalists just cannot seem to be able tos tand seeing any team other than their favourite elite few building a good team and having good players.

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