Ronaldo April Fools fools Routledge

wayne routledge and onismor bhasera.jpeg
WINGER Wayne Routledge, currently on loan at QPR from Newcastle United, was made to look a little foolish on April 1.
After reading one of this year’s better hoax articles in the Telegraph, which alleged that Cristiano Ronaldo had been sold by Portugal and would switch nationalities to Spain, the English player tweeted: “Can someone talk me thru what I’m seeing? Ronaldo sold to Spain for 160mill?? Does that mean he can jus change country and play for Spain?”
Ten minutes later, the penny dropped and Routledge posted: “Ok, ok…” #aprilfools #gotme”.
Gadzooks! Goaltastic sincerely believed that you could spot an April Fools football story – such as my half-baked effort – a mile off.
Anyone fancy chipping together and paying for Routledge to become a Mexican or something?

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