Everything but the goals from exiting Spurs…

aaron lennon.jpeg
DESPITE a quite simply shocking error by Heurelho Gomes tonight and a failure to make the Real Madrid net bulge, I did enjoy tonight’s match.
I’m not a dyed in the wool Spurs fan, but any neutral who has followed the club’s first Champions League campaign cannot have a criticism – and judging by the way the good natured White Hart Lane faithful were egging their side on to find a goal even in the final 10 minutes, neither do they.
It’s been a rollercoaster ride from Young Boys onwards, with handfuls of goals for and against – one which reminded me of my team Middlesbrough’s one European outing in the then UEFA cup – and win lose or draw it’s never been anything but entertaining.
Juxtapose that with the dire spectacle of Manchester City’s pragmatic and ultimately failed European adventure this season, and I think I know who the man on the fence will be rooting for to make fourth place in the Premier League this season…
As they say round those parts, come on you Spurs.


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