Runt Messi was dropped for being too small

lionel messi.jpeg
TURNS out Harry Redknapp wasn’t the only person who thought international superstar Lionel Messi looks like a bit of a runt – he was turned down as a youngster for being too small.
Ahead of his man-of-the-match showing in the Champions League final, the Spurs manager said: “He’s a skinny runt who looks nothing like a modern-day footballer really.
“He has funny little legs that move awkwardly when he runs and if he turned up at your club as a 16-year-old, you’d send him away with a pat on the head and tell him he’d no chance of making it.”
Looks like that off-the-cuff remark was actually close to the truth – as a hormonal problem threatened to stunt his growth and stop his footballing career at River Plate in Argentina.
Luckily Barcelona took the chance and signed him up aged 13 and agreed to pay his medical bills.
Messi said: “I was told I would never be a footballer.
“But being smaller forced me to be faster. Disbelievers, critics and naysayers made me more determined than ever.
“With the support of my family I moved to Spain with the chance to play for Barça.
“It was an opportunity to be the player that I always dreamed I could be.”


Premier League clubs Klosing in

miroslav klose.jpeg
EVERTON and Tottenham Hotspur are chasing the signiture of the footballer who’s scored the most goals ever at the World Cup finals.
The English clubs have been alerted to the fact that veteran German international Miroslav Klose is stalling on a new deal at Bayern Munich and could be moving on.
Although the 32-year-old could be heading to Italy or Spain, I hope he comes to the Premier League – he’s a dead-eyed, cold-hearted, lethal finisher of the highest order, and that’s something that both Everton and Spurs lacked last term.
Plus he wears his shorts’ waistband impossibly high when he plays, like an old man.
Just an observation.

Is Mourinho in London to sign at Chelsea? No way Jose!

no way jose 1.JPG
IS JOSE Mourinho in London?
Could he be in line for a shock return to Chelsea?
Goaltastic has received a tip off from a Spanish mole who seems to think he’s about to depart Real Madrid for a return to the Blues – and he’s sent us photographic and video evidence to prove it.
Goaltastic however begs to differ – this is most clearly codswallop – but it’s pretty neat the lengths my ‘topo’ is going to to convince me.
There’s more below, click the pics to embiggen…
no way jose 2.JPG
Pretty Special, huh?

Park’s frog juice secret

park ji sung.jpeg
MIDFIELD dynamo Park Ji Sung has revealed what puts the spring in his step – or should that be hop.
Because the tireless Manchester United player’s physique was boosted at a young age when he was toad – sorry, told – to drink a special frog juice drink.
He said, as reported at the excellent Off The Post: “My father went to catch wild frogs. I was skinny and weak and my father heard their juice would give me size and strength.
“It tasted very, very bad but I had to drink it because I wanted to be a footballer and everyone said I needed to be bigger and stronger.
“They said it was good for my health to become stronger and I ate anything that would improve my health.”
Don’t try this at home, kids – you might end up croaking.

Blackpool’s Adam after return to Premier League

charlie adam.jpeg
AFTER winning more than a few admirers at the centre of the recently-relegated Blackpool team, Charlie Adam is set for a swift return to the big time.
Boss Ian Holloway is keen to retain the services of the midfielder – and this week Adam extended his contract with the Seasiders for 12 more months.
But clubs like Liverpool, Spurs and Manchester United have been linked to the player previously – and he has today stated his desire to play in the Premiership: “My future is that I want to play in the Premier League. I want to play at the top and hopefully the opportunity comes.
“Whatever happens, I will always remember my time at Blackpool.”
Surely now it’s a case of ‘where’ rather than ‘if’…

Ear is the news

jermaine pennant.jpeg
PIN back you lugholes – here’s today’s best football story from the papers.
No, it’s not the news that QPR might sack Neil Warnock and hire recently toppled Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti.
No, it’s the build-up to the season’s showcase match, the Champions League final.
No, it’s not the claims of more bribery and corruption in the game’s top organisation, FIFA.
No, it’s not that Chelsea are planning a £35m double swoop for Belgians Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne.
It’s this humdinger from The Sun: “Soccer’s Jermaine Pennant has had an operation to pin back his sticky-out ears.”
Talk about ear-responsible journalism…