Football’s coming home – notes from a holiday

diego maradona.jpg
THE more observant of you will have noticed a two-week radio silence on Goaltastic.
That’s because I’ve been on my summer holiday.
However, rather rudely, the global game of football has not been putting its collective feet up while I’ve been away from my keyboard, so here are some things I’ve noted while baking in the sun drinking pina coladas –

  • There is a sunglasses-wearing maniac of a bus driver on the island of Malta who is the spitting image of Maradona in his chubbier period.
  • After watching three quarters of the four El Clasico matches, acting is alive and well in the Spanish leagues. If they concentrated on the football they use to annihilate just about every other club side in the world, these matches would be worth watching – instead it’s a series of dives, rolls, gesticulations and petulant shoves. It’s pathetic.
  • The Europa League isn’t a waste of time – I hope the likes of Man City and Liverpool watched Porto destroy Villareal in a zinger of a match.
  • The entire world seemingly supports Manchester United. Malta is plastered with as many images of Rooney as Jesus – and Malta is a very religious place. The Red Devils’ first Champions League goal against Schalke was greeted by a terrifying roar that could be heard from four floors and a long corridor away in my hotel, and I was listening to music on my walkman at the time.
  • The term WAG doesn’t cover fiancees. FWAGs would be better.

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