Toon’s Alan Smith heading Stateside?

alan smith.jpeg
ALAN Smith’s official twitter page, @AlanSmithy17, has dropped a massive hint that the former Leeds and Manchester United striker will quit Newcastle United for America’s MLS league.
In a flurry of activity today, the twitter feed appeared to have been ‘hacked’ by a poster claiming to be an ex of Smith’s.
And after a smattering of hints of dishing the dirt on his time with Leeds and Manchester, the anonymous poster wrote: “Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t join Leeds #MLS.”
Goaltastic awaits further posts with baited breath…

2 thoughts on “Toon’s Alan Smith heading Stateside?

  1. if you look at Alans agents twitter – sportfirst and his long time friend Liverpool fc commentator John Bradleys twitter you’ll know it’s absolute rubbish. as a long time fan and friend I can also say I can tell it’s not him. someones obviously got bored!

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