WAG: Don’t do Stag Do

abby clancy.jpg
THAT naughty Peter Crouch has been banned from having a Stag Do ahead of his marriage to Abbey Clancy.
Following their engagement in 2009, the couple are set to wed not a million miles from Goaltastic HQ at Stapleford Park, Leicestershire, on June 30 – please leave a comment if you want to send an invite across, guys…
Anyway, due to the Spurs hitman allegedly hitting on prostitute Monica Mint while away on a Stag Do in Spain, Crouch has been barred from a shindig of his own ahead of the big day.
A friend of Clancy’s told the papers: “The last time that Peter went on a stag do was the incident in Spain, and obviously that is fresh in Abbey’s mind.
“The thought of him heading out for another stag party with a big group of friends is too much just before their wedding.”
Instead, Crouch is having a “quiet, family dinner” to celebrate.

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