England tapping up Chicharito 2

EVERYONE loves Javier Hernandez – so much so the FA have been out in Mexico hunting for an even littler Little Pea of their own.
And England coaches have located a Mexican striker who was born in Chester to an English mother who fits the Manchester United striker’s mould.
Antonio Pedrosa Whitham – nicknamed Rooney for his English roots – plays in the Mexican Premier League with Jaguares de Chiapas but has said he would play for England should a call-up for Mexico fail to emerge.
Whitham, a transfer target for Fulham, said: “I would have never expected to be considered to represent England’s Under 20s.
“I love Mexico for the time I have spent here, but if I don’t have an opportunity to represent Mexico I would accept the opportunity to play for England.”
Now normally I would say England should be aiming a little higher than Mexican strikers who aren’t good enough to play for Mexico – but on the flipside, everyone loves Chicharito, and who wouldn’t want one of their very own?

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