Cristiano coming back as a Citizen?

cristiano ronaldo 2.jpeg
NOW that they have Champions League football to offer as well as Scrooge McDuck-style silos of cash, it’s only to be expected that Manchester City are being linked with some of the world’s finest footballers.
Spurs boss Harry Redknapp has already promised the players they’ve got lined up will “blow your brains out”.
And this morning it’s being mooted that former Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo – the man behind the 2009 world record transfer figure of £80m when he moved to Real Madrid – is top of Roberto Mancini’s shopping list.
The former Manchester United star is wanted to replace Carlos Tevez should the Argentinian move on, and if a deal is struck you could reasonably expect it to be an eyewatering nine-figure sum – especially in a world where Fernando Torres is £50m and Andy Carroll £35m.
Looks like exciting times at Eastlands this Summer…

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