Let Manchester United pick their own team

fred the red.jpg
WITH the Premier League sewn up, relegation threatened Blackpool may end up facing a weaker Manchester United line-up than usual.
And with five teams battling it out not to fill the two remaining relegation spots on Saturday, pressure is already being put on Sir Alex Ferguson not to send out a reserve side in preperation for Wednesday’s Champions League final showdown with Barcelona.
Wolves owner Steve Morgan believes Manchester United should be fined by the Premier League if they field a weakened side in their final game – something Premier League bosses are reportedly poised to do, to uphold the integrity of the league.
Meanwhile opposing manager Ian Holloway says Sir Alex “deserves to pick whatever team he wants to pick” against his Blackpool side.
He said: “No one should question it.
“Those people running the game, what planet are they on? They must have beamed down from planet Zarf.”
It’s a sorry situation – Goaltastic’s view on the matter is steadfastly that should Sir Alex take to the field himself or stick Fred the Red in goals for the match, then yes, by all means punish United.
But should he pick a team of profesisonal footballers, all of whom are signed to a Premier League squad and registered as eligible to take to the field – which I’m pretty sure he will – I don’t see the problem.


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