Tired England nearly rolled over by Swiss

THERE, let’s put the obvious headlines aside – yes, I realise England’s defence had more holes than a Swiss cheese and the Swiss set pieces were as efficient as their railways, that we were nearly rolled over the by the Swiss and something to do with master chocolatiers.
But I urge Fabio Capello and England to take one huge step back from today’s game, performances and tactics and gaffes and all – the most important thing we need to take from this match is the need for a bloody good rest.
After sleepwalking into a two goal deficit, England came out of the traps after 30 mins in, and then dozed trough the majority of the second half.
It had nothing to do with the quality of the opposition, and eveything to do with the fact they all looked knackered, mentally and physically.
Next summer, there won’t be a holiday ahead – there’s both the Euro Championships and London 2012 Olympics.
So for Christ’s sake England – put your feet up this summer!


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