Ruff justice! Donny out of the dog house

donny dog.jpg
A MOTHER-of-three sacked as the Donny Dog mascot for Doncaster Rovers after posing for a saucy photoshoot will be offered her job back, the football club has said.
Hairdresser Tracy Chandler was fired after stripping to her underwear with the Donny Dog costume in an tabloid newspaper.
But she will now be asked to return as her sacking was deemed to be an overreaction.
Rovers chairman John Ryan said: “I spoke to her this morning and said I would look into it. I think she’ll be keen to come back when I’ve spoken to her.”
Ms Chandler said she was sent an e-mail by the Championship side, saying they no longer required her services, following her newspaper appearance.
Mr Ryan said: “Some people thought it was inappropriate, which it was, so we took a dim view of it.
“But I think sacking was a bit over the top – she’s a very good mascot.”


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