Club goes green with cow manure

FOREST Green Rovers are working towards becoming the most eco-friendly football club in the UK – by filling its ground with dung.
The club – who hit the headlines earlier this year by banning burgers and sausages in favour of free-range poultry and fish from sustainable stocks – are hoping the compost initiative will lead to their pitch being named the first accredited organic football pitch in the country by the Soil Association.
Manager Dave Hockaday said: “The smell is a little bit lively, but the pitch is looking magnificent.”
Other eco-friendly plans include installing solar panels and digging a bore hole to use natural spring water to water the turf.
Goaltastic says these schemes definitely have merit – but in reality they’re just an excuse to think up manure-related football club puns. I may regret saying this, but feel free to add your own…

  • Cowdungbeath
  • St Cowpat’s Athletic
  • Dungfermline
  • Tottenham Plopspur

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