McLeish’s wife made him e-mail Brum his resignation

alex mcleish.jpeg
NEWLY-unveiled Aston Villa manager Alex McLeish has explained why he e-mailed his resignation to rival team Birmingham City – he was being threatened by his wife.
At his first press conference for his new club, he fielded a question about the e-mailed notice which caused a huge stir a few weeks ago.
He said: “We live in modern world and I did follow it up with a hard copy. I did say to my wife after we had been on holiday for two or three days that maybe I should deliver the letter to them face-to-face.
“She said there was no way I was leaving this holiday destination so soon, or I’d be hit with a rolling pin.”
So there you have it – but of course, his wife’s rolling pin might pale by comparison now, as the Scot has also said he has received death threats for accepting the role at Villa.


2 thoughts on “McLeish’s wife made him e-mail Brum his resignation

  1. One must assume that he was holidaying in a country that hasn’t got round to installing telephones then. Coward’s act to resign that way, and a cowards act to hide behind his wife, which goes quite nicely with his football tactics.

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